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Academic Policies

Grades and Credits
The following system of grading is employed at SPENTA:

'A' -Excellent 90-100

'B' -Good 80-90

'C' -Satisfactory 70-79

'D' -Poor 60-69

'F' -Less than 60

'I' -Incomplete

'W' -Withdrawal with permission

Minimum Standards

Students are required to maintain a 3.00 GPA in all their course work at SPENTA.

Work In Progress
The grade of “I” (Incomplete) is recorded when the student has failed to complete the assigned work due to illness or some other emergency. Student who receives “I” should make up within 90 days.


Students may withdraw from a program with written permission from the Dean. No record is kept of a course dropped with permission during the first two weeks of course duration. No course may be dropped with the grade of “W” in the tenth week of the quarter except when illness or other emergency requires a leave of absence.

For re-admission students must apply to the Admission Office.


Degree Candidates must file the application with the records office before registering for their final courses at the School.


The School will put the student on probation if they do not maintain a 3.00 GPA. A student on probation must show the necessary improvement in academic performance by the end of the next three classes to continue studies at SPENTA.

A student who fails to meet the school's academic standards for the consecutive six classes will be dismissed. Application for re-admission can be made only after one full calendar year with the Dean's permission.

Official transcripts will be mailed directly to other institutions or to the student upon written application to the Record Office. A fee of $3.00 must accompany each transcript request with the standard information of students. No transcripts will be issued to student who have not met their financial obligations to the School.



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