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Campus Marketing Manager

We would like to invite you to join us as a Campus Representative or Campus Marketing Directors.
We are creating a network of campus representatives in universities all over the world and we
would like you to be our campus representatives for your university or college. Join us and
explore the horizon!

Benefits for you:

1) Awesome opportunity to earn extra income.

2) New & exciting way to put your learning into practice.

3) You can use this experience to add in your resume.

4) You can take our courses at a discount.

Your role or work as a campus representative:

1) Collect information about activities on the campus.

2) Implement a marketing campaign on campus. You will plan, organize,
staff, co-ordinate and supervise a full-fledged marketing campaign. You
will do research, collect information, plan and advertise, public relations,
sales and……… (Other marketing functions to help you succeed in your campaign)

Criteria for selection of Campus Representatives:

1) Vacancy on campus.

2) Have the time to devote to the duties.

3) A person of good character. (Letter of recommendation from a faculty member is necessary)

Application and Selection Process:

1) All applications are processed by Spenta University head office.

2) We will maintain: Master roster of applicants, Determine eligibility of applicants,
Check application for completeness and request from the applicant any missing information
or material.

3) Where a selection is required our marketing person will review the applications and
make a selection.

4) The confirmation of selection will be made by e-mail notifying the applicant
of his/her appointment.

If you wish to apply, fill this easy application form & attach your reference letter to:

Click here to fill up application form



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