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Combined Degree Program towards Doctorate Degree

The objective of this program is to develop scholars for the future growth of Zarathustrian Religion.
This is a full time (boarding) and an intensive program.

1. B.A. in "Zarathustrian Studies," with Major in Religion and Education.
2. Ph.D. in "Philosophy of Zarathushtra"
3. Masters in Administration by Gatha Value

We require a minimum of six and half years. Students are required to take 43 credits per year for
his or her undergraduate degree-a total of 129 credits. To earn a graduate degree student must
take 30-doctorate credit per year, with a total of 90 credits for doctorate degree. Students who
have difficulty in English, their duration will take longer than the normal period.

Important Note: In order to receive any certificate or degree a student must complete the full
program. Students who will be on scholarship would not receive any certificate, degree, or
academic transcript unless he/she completes the doctorate program.

Spenta uses Internet to connect to the top professors in the field and the American
Educational system with its Pune campus, India.

Student Minimum Qualification for Entrance:

H.S.C (for students in India) or High School Diploma (for other than India).
Minimum Age: 17 years
This program is open to all castes and creeds.

Application Procedure:
Students are required to send their application and all official documents (School Grades)
to Spenta's Administration Office in India. Students should have legal travelling documents,
like the Visa, during their tenure with us. You can even write to our Executive Officer for
further details or for application at:

Selection Procedure:
We select a student based on the date of the application, grade transcripts, medical examination,
and an interview with the Admission Board.

Student Qualifications at Graduation:
The program objective is to qualify students to:

  1. Be teachers of Zarathushtra's Message.
  2. Prepare them to pursue a teaching and/or research based position in a University.
  3. Attain basic computing skills in computer application including programming.

In addition, this program will encourage students to:

  • Develop and maintain a physical and mental fitness,
  • Be able to hold an advance standing in International Toastmasters Association (Public Speaking)
  • Join educational and trade organizations.

Career Opportunity:

---Primary Careers: Teaching in University.
---College or University Officials.
---Consultant or Research Associate.

Secondary Careers:

---Editor or Journalist
---Administrative Officer
---Librarian Translator
---Museum Guide
---Public Relation Officer

Program Description:

The program which is in English is divided into the following seven parts:

  1. Physical Education (P.E.): This education includes: General Fitness Exercises,
    Cross Training: i.e. Running, Bicycling, Walking and First aid, and CPR. Physical
    Education is on a daily basis throughout the doctorate program.
  2. Discipline: Spenta enforces Military customs and practices to develop discipline,
    leadership qualities and teamwork among students. Discipline is on a daily basis and it is
    carried on throughout the program. We require that all students to wear uniform during their
    study at Spenta.
  3. General Studies: This is a general program to introduce students to English, General Education,
    and the Message of Zarathushtra. In this section the student will take the following classes:

    * Personal: Ethics, Protocol, Art of studying, Computer applications.
    * English: English as a second language (If they need it)
    * Communication, Critical thinking and logic.
    * General Education: Geography, Philosophy, Psychology, Human Growth and Development,
    Anthropology, Astronomy, Statistics, Environmental Studies, Sociology, General Science and
    * Arts: Photography, Calligraphy, Music, Theater and etc.

  4. Research: Research is based on two pillars: Classes and Projects . CLASSES are as follows:
    Research Fundamentals, Library research and Doctoral Dissertation. The PROJECTS are
    on daily basis throughout the doctorate program.
  5. Teaching Tours: Before students' graduation, we require that each student completes at
    least two summers teaching tours. Each tour is three month long, as arranged by the University.
    Specialty Studies: Students will take their undergraduate and graduate specialty courses.
    These classes are as follows: · Zarathushtrian Religion Classes · Teaching: Counseling, teaching,
    leadership and administration.
  6. Foreign Language: Students must learn modern Persian and one foreign language.
  7. Computer Programming in C, C++ Detail: In each semester students take five courses
    and one internship. Students do not choose courses. Courses are taught primarily in English.
    Video conferences, Audio video presentation, Internet, independent study, research work,
    and fieldwork are used for instruction. Thirty percent of average week is unstructured.

Calendar: Semester and summer short terms.
Living Arrangements: Students live in the Spenta's housing facilities.

Student Activities:
Student body has Officers, Officers Cadets and Cadets. Social gatherings (parties), camping,
picnic and movies.

Soccer, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Swimming, Chess, Martial Arts, Yoga and Mountaineering.

Student Services:
Spenta provides students with:
-Health insurance -
-Placement assistance

Probationary Period:
All students will go through a probational period for the first or first two quarter(s) (semesters),
whichever applicable.

Fees and Tuition (In US $):

  1. Room ------------------------------------50
  2. Food (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)------80
  3. Uniform (for three uniforms) --------------30
  4. Activity ----------------------------------20
  5. Physical Education -----------------------25
    Total:------------------------------------205 (Per Month in US $)
  6. Tuition: -----------------US $ 150 per credit per subject

Financial Aid:
Scholarships are offered on availability basis. The qualification criteria are as follow:

  1. The student must be a Zarathushti at the time of admission.
  2. He must have a good academic background.
  3. He must fill out the scholarship application.
  4. He must write a three page essay on "How would you like to promote the message of
    Ashu Zarathushtra?" or any other subject in Zarathushtrian Studies.
  5. He must at all time remain in touch with the sponsor of his/her scholarship through correspondence.
  6. Financial aid is not available to probational students.

    Click here to enroll yourself



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