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Course Description

The following are description of courses specified as requirements and/or electives for the
degree programs.

GRL 501A Religious Studies (Eastern Religions)
Study of the history, philosophy and development of Confucianism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism.
A survey of the classical stories, rituals and symbols of eastern religion. (3 credits)
Prerequisite: None.

GRL 501B Religion Studies (Western Religions)
Study of the history, philosophy, and development of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: None

GRL 502 Theories and Methods in Study of Religion
Several methods for the study of religion will be critically examined with a view to develop
student awareness of the implications of methodology. Among the methods to be examined
are historical, phenomenological, sociological, psychological, mythical and philosophical. (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: None

ZSP 501 Introduction to Zarathushtrian Studies
A comprehensive study of Zarathushtra's theology that surveys the main theme of
Zarathushtrian religious thought. (3 Credits).
Prerequisite: Course in Critical Thinking and Introduction to Philosophy.

ZSP 502 Gathas
Detailed study of each stanza illustrating theological interpretation.
(3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ZSP 501.

ZSC 501 Avesta
A survey of the Zarathushtrian Religion, this includes Yasna, Yashts, Vispered, Vendidad,
and Khordeh Avesta. (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ZSP 502.

ZSC 502 Practice and Principle of Zarathushtrian
An examination of current practice and discipline of Zarathushtrian. Student will learn to
perform all practices and ceremonies related to a community religious leader. (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ZSC 501.

ZSH 501 History and Development of Zarathushtrian
An in-depth study to the history and development of Zarathushtrian. Case study and examination
on the key historical moment of Zarathushtrian. (3 Credits) Prerequisite: ZSC 501

ZSH 502 Leadership and Authority in Zarathushtrian Religion
Course looks at issues of leadership authority in the Zarathushtrian Religion. (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ZSH 501.

ZSP 503 Zarathushtrian Ethics
An exploration of the history of Zarathushtrian ethics with focus on the broader
theological and intellectual context within which ethics was defined.
(3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ZSP 502

ZSL 502 Readings in Shahnameh
A study of Persian culture and theology based on reading of Shahnameh.
(3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ZSP501, ZSL501

ZSC 503 Sociology of Religion- Zarathushtrian
A review of sociology, and an examination of the sociological aspect of Zarathushtrian.
With an intensive study of selected problems and themes in contemporary sociology of religion.
(3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ZSC 502

ZSL 503 Avestan
Comprehensive study of Avestan writing, reading and translating which surveys the
main theme of Zarathushtrian religion. (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ZSP 502

ZSL 504 Pahlavi
Study of Pahlavi writing, reading and translating.
(3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ZSH 501.

ZSC 504 Myths in Iran and Zarathushtrian Religion
An examination of the myths in Iran and neighboring countries, and the impacts on
Zarathushtrian religion. (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ZSC 502

ZSC 505 Religions and Sects in Persia
A survey of religions in old and modern Persia through analysis of literature and archeological remains.
(3 Credits).
Prerequisite: ZSC 504

GRL 503 Internship Religion Teaching
A hand on experiences on teaching "The Message of Asho Zarathushtra" to youths and/or
adults in students' community or working with local Zarathushtrian organization. (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: Approval of the Dean.

ZMT 999 Masters Thesis
Student will elect, with approval of the Academic dean, a topic for thesis. The student will
develop a detailed proposal of her/his planned study/research and present it to
Academic Dean for approval. Credit will be given on acceptance of thesis. (9 Credits)
Prerequisite: Approval of the Dean.

ZSP 503 Seminar in Gathas
An analytical survey of Gathas. Students must participate in Seminars in Gathas.
(Can be repeated) (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: Approval of the Dean.

ZSP 504 Conference in Zarathushtrian Studies
An analytical survey of Zarathushtrian Studies. Students must participate in conferences.
(Can be repeated) (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: Approval of the Dean.

ZSL 501 Persian Literature
An in-depth study of Persian literature giving particular attention to Persian poetry, novels,
and short stories.
(3 Credits)
Prerequisite: None

ZSP 505 Persian Philosophy
A survey of Persian philosophical thoughts. Study of Persian philosophical ideas, which has
had a significant influence on the development of Persia and Zarathushtrian theology. (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: None

ZSC 506 Persian Culture
An in-depth study of cultural and social history of Persia. (3 Credits) Prerequisite: None.

ZSH 503 Persian History and Zarathushtrian
In-depth survey of Aryan cultures and religion before Zarathushtra. The role of Zarathushtrian
in development of Achaemenians, Parthian, and Sassanian. An examination and analysis of
Persian History with relation to Zarathushtrian religion. (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: ZSH 501

ZSP 506 Advanced Studies In Zarathushtrian Doctrine
An intensive study of selected Zarathushtrian doctrine. Topic varies. (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: Approval of the Dean.

ZSI 995 Independent Study
Students contract to undertake a special investigative or research project in the field of Zarathushtrian
studies. (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: Approval of the Dean.

ZSC 507 Zarathushtrian Faith in Day to Day Life.
Field study in Iran or India. (3 Credits)
Prerequisite: Approval of the Dean.

ZSD 999 Doctorate Exam Preparation
(3 Credits)

ZSI 996 Internship
A tour of six months as teacher in their local community.
(15 Credits)

ZSDD 9 Doctoral Dissertation
(10 Credits)



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