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Course Syllabus

Course Title: Zarathushtrian Religion

Professor: Dr. A. A. Jafarey, Assisted by a Hirbad (Zarathushtrian Religious teacher)

Text: You will use online modules

Objective: The objective of this course is to introduce you to the history, philosophy, theology,
customs and practices, literature, and mythology of the Zoroastrian Religion.

Desired outcomes: At the completion of the course, you should have an understanding
of the Zoroastrian Religion and its influence on world religion.

Duration: The average completion time for this course is One and a half months, however you can
study at your own pace.

Evaluation: You will take a short Quiz at the end of each module. The Mid-Term and the Final
exams are based on the short Quizzes

Course Outline: The course will cover the following topics for you:

1. Introduction to Zoroastrian Religion.

2. The Aryan people and their history

3. Mythology

4. The pre-Gathic Era

5. The Gathic Era

6. Zarathushtra's Legacy

7. History:Post Gathic period

8. History: The Medes and the Achaemenians

9. Zoroastrianism

10. Literature in Zoroastrian Religion

11. Customs and Practices of the Zoroastrian Religion

12. Influence on Christianity and Judaism

13. Future of the Zoroastrian Religion

Course completion requirements: You are responsible to read, take notes, discuss (on the net)
and understand the above topics. Also, all assignments given by the instructor must be completed.

Grading: The following grading policy applies to you, if you wish to take this course for college credit:

Assignments: 10 points

Participation: 20 points

Quiz: 10 points

Mid term exam:15 points

Final exam:25 points

Term paper: 20 points

You are encouraged to apply for extra credit points. You must arrange it with the Teacher's Assistant.

!00- 90 A

89-80 B

79- 70 C

69-60 D

Under 60 fail.



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