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You can start offering these courses in your community in six easy steps:

STEP ONE: Select your desired course (Philosophy of Zarathushtra or Persian Culture) to offer in your school/college by filling out the application

STEP TWO: We will provide you with the course description, and direction for your students to check-in

STEP THREE: Offer the course in your school/college by adding it to the list of courses offering in your school/college.

STEP FOUR: Your student check-in at our online campus, and begin their education journey with us.

STEP FIVE: We will send progress report (every fortnight) of your student to you.

STEP SIX: We send the final grade with brake down scores ( Quiz, Midterm, Final, and Term paper).

STEP SEVEN: Once you receive the grade and student's evaluation form (directly sent to you by student) you deduct 55% of total tuition for your school and pay us ONLY 45%.

Please Note: There is no up-front financing nor any financial risk. You reimburse the smaller part of the tuition to us when the course is completed.

Broaden the horizon of your student and bring more income to your school,

Start offering our courses by simply filling the

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