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General Information

It is the mission of Spenta Graduate School of Zarathushtrian Assembly (SPENTA) to promote The
Message of Asho Zarathushtra through higher education.

SPENTA is committed to provide an intellectual foundation for students and researchers desiring to
spread The Message.

SPENTA leads the world in Zarathushtrian Education and Research. It is our goal to maintain that

Educational Facilities and Procedure

SPENTA Study Materials: Each course contains Texts, Course Syllabus, Study Guide, and in most
cases an audio or videotape of the professor. The study materials are fashioned by SPENTA educators
to make it simple to learn at home. In some courses students can select either English or Persian.
Students can submit their paper, thesis, or dissertation in Persian or English.

SPENTA Degree Program: Spenta is not a private postsecondary educational institute. It grants
Doctorate and Master degree in Zarathushtrian Studies under California Educational Code (CEC)
Section 94330(n).

Academic Procedure: For each course, students have to prepare for an assignment and examination.
This is carefully read and evaluated by the professor, who carefully reviews students' progress. Thus
students proceed in a logical step-by-step sequence, gradually increasing their knowledge.

Unlimited Constant Help: Students receive personal instruction blanks that they can use to ask
questions at any time. Students can always request additional personal help on any point they do not

SPENTA Writing Center: Spenta Writing Center offers individual consulting to any SPENTA students
who would like assistance with writing projects (paper, dissertation, article, proposal and etc.) The
consultants are trained qualified SPENTA students with teaching or tutoring experience.

Trial Course: Prospect students are invited to try SPENTA's education system by taking one course
based on: 1) An open admission and 2) Half price rate.

Academic Calendar: Students can be admitted at any time. Students are required to complete their
assigned course by minimum of one month and no longer than three months.



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