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Highly competitive prices

Tuition, Fees, Financial Aids, and Refunds in United States Dollars($)

In comparison with the average private colleges’ tuitions in USA, Spenta’s tuition is 65% less; also we
do not charge any application fee or other academic fees.

Average Private college(inUSA)
125 USD per credit
or per short course
350 USD

Students are allowed to test our education program by taking the first module for free. After the first
module, the administration will send an invoice.
Student has an option of paying by credit card, paypal, or applies for financial aid.

Failure to make on time payments of any amount owed to Spenta when it becomes due is considered
sufficient cause to suspend the student and withhold grades, transcripts, diploma, and degree until the
debt have been satisfied.

Financial Aid
Many students are able to finance their studies without assistance. For those who are unable to do so, the
following financial aid programs are available:

Work Study Program:
Off campus work is available in field of Administration, Admission, Academic, and Computers for
students who qualify.

The financial aid office work closely with student to allocate scholarship. Presently we have in-house
scholarships like: D.K. Irani Scholarship and Dr. Moini Scholarship.

Student Loan facility:
Students who need financial assistance with paying their tuition, can pay through installment plans.


Students who have withdrawn from all or part of his/her enrollment may request a refund. Refunds are
not automatic. Refund request must be submitted as early as possible, but no later than end of the fourth
module or third week of each course (which ever comes sooner) on a refund application form provided
by Spenta.

Refund amounts are as follows:

First Module FREE
Second module 90%
Third module 75%
Fourth module 45%
Fifth Module 0%

IN case of any of the inquiries write to us at:



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