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Impact Opportunity

Whoever is united with me I promise him the best through good mind, my riches.
-Song 11, Stanza 18

Make an Impact

Your contribution can make an impact on our religion and culture. You are invited to join us to become part of the
future. Your donation will impact on:


Major world religions are preserving and promoting their beliefs by developing highly qualified scholars
and leaders. Their institutions show that they give the best that money can buy to develop their scholars .

Spenta University too, has been created to develop scholars for the present and future of our belief.
Hirbads; Nauzar Bharucha, Afshin Azarmanesh, Armina Kapadia, and Behram
Daruwalla who are going to be leaders and scholars, are the best examples of Spenta's ability to develop
scholars for our community.

Your contribution will enable Spenta to develop more scholars for preservation of our future. Moreover, many
promising students who, each hit a road block on their way to college, will have the opportunity to pursue
their educational goals in Spenta's challenging academic environment.


Although our religion is the oldest in the world, yet it is very young in academic world. Just hundred years
back the European scholars began researching on our religion. Hence, academically speaking, our
religion's history and philosophy is a ripe field. There are still many many aspects that have to be
discovered, researched, and discussed on. Your contributions will enable Spenta to:
1) Encourage researchers to conduct research on our religion.

2) Avail and guide researchers in their research works.

3) Support our Research Professors to conduct their research studies .


The quality of a university is directly related to the quality of its faculty. In this regard, Spenta is striving to
attract and retain the best faculty in the field by creating new endowed chairs and professorship .

The impact of your donation will be felt for many years to come.


Recently Hirbad Daruwalla, a student of Spenta University, taught Zarathushtrian Studies, in Uganda,
African Continent, to graduate students. Tomorrow other Hirbads of Spenta are going to go around the
world to promote the message of Zarathushtra .

Your contribution will enable us to continue promoting the Message of Zarathushtra throughout the Universe .

Historical (Open): Provides fund to construct World Zarathushtrian Education and Research campus.
(Our campus in India, Pune)

Professorship(15,000 USD): Awarded to tenured faculty who are distinguished in scholarship,
teaching, and research.

Research (10,000 USD): Support the research of faculty, graduate students within the discipline.

Outreach Assignment (5000 USD): Establishes a fund to make the outreach assignment possible.

Scholarship (3600 USD): Provides financial aid to residential students who wish to become leaders or

Library Collection (1000USD): Establish funds to purchase books in subjects designed by you for the
university's library.

Plaque (360 USD): Provides fund to construct additional facilities for the World Zarathushtrian
Education and Research campus. (Our campus in India, Pune)

In addition to the self-satisfaction in taking a step toward becoming a significant member of our
community you will also receive (for all categories of donation):

- Recognition at Annual Black tie Banquet

- Commemorative Plaque

- Zarathushtrian Scholistic Club's gold pin

- Special Recognition in Spenta's web page, annual report, and Newsletter.

- A gold brick in the wall of Spenta.(When the campus is built the wall will be at the entrance.)

Ways to Donate :

Cash, cheques, credit cards, wire transfer, matching contributions , pledge.

Securities: stock, mutual funds, retirement plan, will or trust, life insurance policies

Contributions in Kind - estate planning

To avail of the Impact Opportunity, click here to fill the form and we will contact you



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