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Notable Professors


  • Ratu A. A. Jafarey
  • Professor Kaikhosrow D. Irani
  • Professor Farhang Mehr
  • Dr. Kersey Antia


Ratu A. A. Jafarey
Dr. Jafarey has studied Avestan and Pahlavi with Dr. Maneck Pithawalla of the Parsi High School
(Karachi) and later with Dastur Dr. Maneckji N. Dhalla, High Priest of Pakistan, as also the Gathas and
Good Religion of Zarathushtra. He has also studied Sanskrit. He has a Doctorate in Persian Literature
from the University of Karachi.

He has taught Avestan, Pahlavi and Persian at B.V.S. Parsi High School in Karachi. He has also taught
Avestan and religious classes at the Ancient Iran Cultural Society in Tehran. He worked for seventeen
years in the Ministry of Culture and Arts in Tehran, first as the Head of the Department of Cultural Affairs
for Afro-Asian countries, then as Counselor to the Minister of Culture and Arts. He served as Founder-
Director of the Institute and Honorary Head of the Persian Department and Professor of Persian at the
University of Islamabad (1969-1976). He became the Director-General of the Iranian Anthropological

In the United States, he served the California Zoroastrian Center as scholar/teacher for nine years. He is
a Founder- Director of the Zarathushtrian Assembly based in Los Angeles. He has written numerous
books and articles in Persian and English on the Zarathushtrian Religion, of which his Payam-e Zartosht,
Chonan ke az sorudhaye and pakmard bar mi-ayad {= The Message of Zarathushtra, as understood
from his songs} (1st edition, 1967). His Persian translation of the Gathas and supplementary Texts in the
Gathic dialect under the title Stot Yasn, 1981, is now in its second edition. The English translation, The
Gathas, Our Guide, was published in 1989. Dr. Jafarey's interest includes Indo-Iranian Studies,
Comparative Religion, Anthropology, and Linguistics.

Professor Kaikhosrow D. Irani
Professor Kaikhosrow D. Irani is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the City College, City University
of New York, where he was Professor and Chairman of the Department and Director of Program for the
History and Philosophy of Science and Technology.

His work has been in the areas of Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Religion,
and Ancient Thought.

His two sets of fellowship Lectures at the Cama Oriental Institute in Bombay, on “The Philosophy of the
Ancient Iranian Tradition” and on “ The Moral Vision in Ancient Religious Thought” were published in
the Journal of the K.R. Cama Oriental Institute, 1986 and 1994.

He is a member and a past Vice President of the World Zoroastrian Organization, and past President of
the Zoroastrian Association of Greater New York.

Professor Farhang Mehr
Professor Farhang Mehr is a Professor of International Relations at Boston University. He received a
Bachelor of Economics degree and a Doctorate in Law from the University of Tehran and London
respectively. He has taught at Tehran and National Universities, and at the Military Academy in Iran, and
was President of the University of Shiraz for 8 years, served under the Shah as Vice Prime Minister and
Acting Finance Minister, and represented Iran on OPEC's Board of Governors for 5 years. He served as
the President of the Zoroastrian Anjuman of Tehran for 12 years; was an officer of the First and Third
Zoroastrian Congresses in Tehran and Bombay respectively, and was a founding member of the Ancient
Iranian Culture Society. He has lectured and published on subjects related to law, political economy and
Zoroastrianism. His new book in Farsi, published in January 1990 is entitled “Zoroastrian Philosophy- an
Old Wisdom in a New Perspective”. “The Zoroastrian Tradition: An Introduction to the Ancient Wisdom
of Zarathushtra” was published in 1991. He is the founder and committee member of the WZO since

Dr. Kersey Antia
Dr. Kersey Antia is the High Priest of the Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Chicago. He attended
M. F. Cama Athornan Institute in Bombay and was ordained as a priest. He studied Avestan and Pahlavi
at the University of Bombay. Currently he is practicing psychology in the Chicago area. He studied
Gathas on his own for many years, and is now planning to interpret the Gathas not just in terms of literal
translations, but also in terms of his experience as a priest in a distinct, Zoroastrian tradition.



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