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Program Curriculum    

In the Master program each student completes 36 quarter credits (excluding thesis) beyond bachelor degree. Once admitted to the program, students have to submit “Student Plan” which of course is subject to approval by the Dean. Students can specialize in Literature and Language, History, or Culture of Zarathushtrian Religion. Thesis is required and it counts for as many as nine quarter units. The requirements are distributed as follow :

Note: Students are required to have two basic undergraduate or graduate courses in philosophy: Critical Thinking and Introduction To Philosophy .

GRL 501A Religious Studies I

GRL 501B Religious Studies II

ZSP 501 Introduction to Zarathushtrian Studies

ZSP 502 Gathas

ZSC 501 Avesta

ZSC 502 Practice and Discipline of Zarathushtrian

ZSH 501 History and Development of Zarathushtrian

Students may concentrate their study in Zarathushtrian Philosophy or Literature or Culture or History by taking five elective classes in their area of studies.